Friday, 12 December 2014

Animal ethics

I just watched the excellent documentary The Ghosts In Our Machine .

Where to begin? The list of animal exploitation is so long.

Animal farming ( for fur, leather, meat and dairy products)

Dog & Cat illegal breeding (known as puppy and kitty meals)

Marine mammals in captivity for humans entertainment (and not for educational reasons)

Circuses (still on 2014)

Animal testing for cosmetics, medicine and research

Illegal owners of exotic animals such as monkeys, snakes, leasards, degus, prairie dogs, hedgehogs, wildcats and the list goes on....

Who gave us the right to take advantage of ALL non human animals?

How many of the people that call themselves animal lovers actually are considering the animals before buying cosmetics, cleaning products or food?

How can you love a dog and eat a pig?
What discriminates these two species?

Many people call Asians weirdos when they listen about the dog farms where they slaughter them in order to sell their meat in delicatessen restaurants. What makes them better? Is a cow or a pig lower than a dog?

Should I mention the bullfights in Spain, France and Portugal?

Or the number of goats killed during Easter time in Greece? And then the number of them which have NOT been consumed?

Should I open Pandora's box regarding whales' hunting in Japan?

All these people who sleep with their dogs and cats but enjoy hot dogs and chicken ribs twice a week did they ever though about what was this pig/chicken before becoming their meal?

All these women with the tiny dogs in their bag do they know how their UGG boots are made?

Not to mention the thousands of people visiting zoos and aquariums just because they 'love animals' and want to see them from close.

I accept the fact of lack of education.

What I do NOT accept is the fact of people that know about these issues but continue living the same way, continue considering themselves animal lovers because they have a dog or a cat.

How many of the dog and cat owners who owe breeding animals actually give some water or food to stray animals?
How many of them avoid to adopt a dog or a cat from a shelter because of their prestige, because they want this 'specific breed from when they were kids'?

Don't get me wrong but this is all, just!

I respect more the ones who admit that they know and they try to reduce the amount of meat and dairy products they consume or they try to buy organic/free range and want one day to go vegetarian or vegan.

I do not respect anyone with a dog or a cat who calls them-self an animal lover but continue eating Mcdonalds, drink milk and yogurt from huge Colosseum companies  and just decide to close their eyes when the truth comes on their path.

I know it is not easy neither to become vegetarian nor to buy organic cosmetics not tested on animals.
But if you consider your self an animal lover, you can drink 2 beers less, avoid a 100th nigh out -at the end of which you will come back home wasted- in order to buy more expensive but cruelty free products.

Yes, it is true that organic-bio and cruelty free products are expensive.
This makes poor people not to have any choice.
This is sad. Very sad. And i feel for them because what everyone do not know is that all these non cruelty free products are at the same time bad for their health.

I wish people would consider each and every animal as an individual with soul and not as a piece of meat.

I wish we would not have Greek proverbs as "I don't buy things as pigs in the poke" or "Why are you loaded as a donkey?".

I wish people from Southern countries in Europe would not consider bullfights as a part of their tradition but as a part of animal torturing that must stop.

I wish Greeks who dance all around their impaled goat during Easter day and post photos of the goat on fb wishing Happy Easter had more brain to think deeper and consider if this is necessary.

I wish young Danish people in Faroe islands could stop for a while in the view of the red sea full of blood and think about it. Is this what will make them men? Should they really listen to the elders in year 2014?

Humanity sucks.

But at least people like Jo-Anne Mc Arthur who is featured in the documentary I just saw still exist out there and give their own battle for animal equality.

I don't know how I will manage to sleep tonight. I will try to focus on the happy footage produced on farm sanctuaries instead of the sad ones in mink and fox farm facilities.

People, WAKE your mind UP, please. Try to stop thinking by a human-center way before it will be too late.

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