Saturday, 8 November 2014

What brought me to this point

       My blog in Greek "was born" in 2012 and some of its posts as the one regarding cruelty free products and the one regarding myths and true facts about sterilization/castration of pets have made a big impression and even some friends of mine sent me other websites in which I could find my blog posts posted by others. This is the moment you feel that you were right when you started being a blogger.

       Nowadays I think more in English than in Greek and at the same time, most of my closest friends, my social circle and my colleagues are people from all around the Europe, or even the world so I decided that it's time to write in the only language that pretty much everyone can understand: English. To be honest I don't find any magic or poetry neither attractiveness in this language but the universal language was decided to be this one, so let's accept it and adapt.
       The saddest thing is that some thoughts of mine cannot be described better in other language than in Greek as my mother tongue is the richest language I know so, many times I find myself helpless as we have some words that cannot be translated [as the most untranslatable Greek virtue 'Philotimo' (read more here: )] so writing deep thoughts in English will be a big challenge for me.

     The reason I baptized my second blog "All about ethics" is because the more people I get to know, the more I conclude that being ethical in 2014, is very rare. People may be ethical towards their friends but not towards their partner.
They may be towards nature but not towards animals. They also may be towards their friends and partner but not towards their colleagues.
    I can't help but wonder: Why? What discriminates the nature from the animals? What discriminates friends from partner? Colleagues from close people?
In the end you get to realize though, that the person who has been unethical towards its partner will be, sooner or later, towards his friends and so on. So be ware of these people.

I know I am too romantic for my age. Too romantic for this world maybe. But as long as I keep meeting people like me, I will keep being that romantic. People like me, with such empathetic emotions, usually suffer. But they also usually make a difference.

 In my case, it's not that I want to make a difference. It's more that I don't accept the world as shitty as it is. I cannot sit back and say 'this is it, let's just have fun during our life'. No! If there is something wrong out there, we should rise our voice and try to change it. We should talk about it out loud, try to wake up the ones that 'sleep', try to open the eyes of the ones that don't see. What I read once regarding this issue, and was so close to my way of thinking, is:

                     Be the change that you wish to see in the world.

So here I am, ready to write down what bothers me out there, share my thoughts and I am so looking forward for some feedback. Because empathetic people are out there but they stay hidden in their world by trying to make themselves emotionless, even numb.

Speak up, people. This world is so beautiful. Don't let the mass to destroy it. Help me rise awareness regarding not only animal ethics or the environment, but for human relationships as well. People are afraid to love, people are afraid to express emotions, people are afraid to talk! Why this world is such a  chessboard? Why do we even accept this? Why people who care about these issues are only a minority spread sporadically worldwide?

We have human rights. There are animal rights too. Nature will not be healthy forever.
We have to stand up for everything. Impossible is nothing but at the same time we shouldn't take anything for granted.

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