Friday, 5 December 2014

NGO's & Dolphinariums - What is hidden behind this co-operation?

In Greece, a new baby seal has been saved by an NGO and instead of going at the rescue center where all the baby seals until now were taking their treatment until they were able to go back to the sea, it is in a zoo's (?!) facility. A zoo with an illegal dolphinarium which owes also two sea lions. All of these animals are giving shows to the public. Shows that are called "Educational information/briefing" as they had no permission to perform shows.

This dolphinarium has many "legal holes". Last year the court decided that it is not the correct authority to decide whether or not it should close. NGO's that are working for the protection of the cetaceans and other marine animals supported the fight against it since its opening. But it is still open, 3 dolphin births have taken place, 11 dolphins were living in their small pool at the beginning and 7 are still living now over there.

HOW is it possible for an NGO that saves marine mammals as seals to co-operate with an owner of an illegal dolphinarium?

Same story in the NL where NGO that saves porpoise dolphins and bring them back to the wild, at the same time sends an orca that could go back to the wild too, to a Spanish Dolphinarium.

I mean, what is wrong with these people? How they make this discrimination?
Is it convenient to co-operate with these rich guys?
They care about one species but don't give a damn about the other?
Are they in a desperate need of their money in order to fund their work so they ignore all the illegal and non-ethical acts/decisions?

Where does the care start and at which point they forget about it?

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